1. I’m photoblogging our cats over here.


    They’ve finally agreed to share the spot on our bed originally claimed by Sansa.


  2. The reason why trust is such a fragile system is that most of consider it as an ingredient rather than an outcome. Trust is a consequence but never a cause. In fact, the ultimate reason why people trust one another is because they feel SAVE with each other.
    They know that every play needs people knowing how to play together. One just does not save the melody. And at the end of the day all we want is a pretty life melody including all the harsh and rough sounds in between but knowing we’ll get to the sweet refrain again… The best songs are those which raise our heartbeats in different directions of excitement, hope and dismissal and anger…. but it is the tribe who is able to make this play a great play. Some souls understand that we are all little creatures trying to figure out to play the melody of human experience and make it sound right and some just want their solo…
    Solos are simple cause you never need to practice with others… you become your own master, you never have to tune in, wait for your part of the performance, be patient with the slower learners, catch up with those who have had more (life) practice before and the other way around, engage with others when they made a mistake…

    It’s ok, I am with the band! We make mistakes!

    Thank you! Your life melody made me aware how boring my solo was…

    — a learner (via franzibecker)

    "…every play needs people knowing how to play together."

    (Source: franzibecker)


  3. Stary, stary night…
    First time attempting long exposure photography. Thanks to Jenny and Wang for their help! Can’t wait to try more tomorrow. Crazy to think how hard it is to find dark sky.

  4. From where I stand, Seattle is beautiful.


  5. A gorgeous way to start off November.

    Taken on the Fremont Bridge, Seattle, Washington.



  7. I love autumn.



  9. See/Eat/Do/Stay NYC?

    As a 30th Birthday/Graduation/Christmas present to us, Cole and I will be enjoying a first-time adventure to New York City. We’ll be there December 13-25 and have repeatedly heard NYC described as “magical” during that time of the year. Our plane tickets are booked and now are in the dreaming stage of planning. We’ve never been before and there’s so much to do, it’s overwhelming to know where to start! Apart from New York Philharmonic, MOMA, FAO Schwartz (a childhood dream!), and a few jazz clubs, we could use some additional recommendations!
    • What boroughs and neighborhoods should we explore?
    • At which local joints should we eat and imbibe?
    • Which experiences must we have? 
    • Where should we stay (general locations, hotels, bnb’s, couches are all helpful leads!)?
    • Any tourist traps to avoid?

  10. What does one do when the studio camera dies right before you head out to take some headshots? Improvise with your iPhone and VSCO CAM, of course! Use the tools you have, right?

    These are a few outtakes of Charles Morrison, the September speaker for CreativeMornings:Seattle. He’s been writing 3-4 letters daily for the last decade. One of those people you walk away from desperately hoping you will be like them someday. You can catch an interview we did with him right over here.